NEW number for ECMO referrals at Glenfield
If you wish to refer a patient please call 0116 287 1471 and ask for the ECMO Co-ordinator.


Recruitment to CESAR is now closed - 180 patients have been recruited. Congratulations and thank you to all 70 centres who have recruited at least one patient July 2001- August 2006

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Intensive Care Society State of the Art Meeting Further details


LREC approval
July 2006- Kent & Sussex and Watford General hospital are in process of getting LREC approval following patients recruiting using EIP (Emergency inclusion protocol)

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The CESAR team have issued a statement regarding SARS patients and their suitability for trial entry. View the statement
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Information about the WHO Global Conference on Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) held in Kuala Lumpur,
Malaysia 17-18 June 2003 is available from the WHO website


Bird Flu
Photo of a chicken The CESAR team have issued a statement regarding bird flu. View the statement
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  Frequently Asked Question
What if we are a Conventional Treatment Centre (CTC) and have no beds?

A. If you are a CTC and are approached for a bed for purposes of the trial and you feel compromised
in any way, then you simply state that you have no beds available. We will keep in contact in order that
should the situation change, we can then enter the patient into the trial. We can only enter the patient
into the trial if they meet the criteria and if there is a bed available in a nearby CTC (or CTC within the
network frame) and the ECMO centre. Because most hospitals are being classified as CTCs, there will
be very few patients that will be transferred to another hospital for conventional treatment. At the most,
it is likely that your hospital will be asked to treat one extra patient/year from an RH but this potential
increase is expected to be counteracted by the number of patients transferred to Leicester from your
unit for ECMO.

The Frequently Asked Questions pdf icon  document can be downloaded in full.

If you have any questions not currently covered in the FAQs please contact

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